Why Do People Migrate?

The number of people migrating to different countries has increased over the past few years. To understand why, let us take a look at the common reasons why people migrate as well as the merits and demerits of doing so.

Reasons for Migrating
A primary reason that drives people to migrate is the availability of better job opportunities in the foreign country than in their home country. For example, a graphic designer who lives in Indonesia may choose to migrate to Hong Kong because a graphic designer in Hong Kong would earn more than one in Indonesia.

Many people also end up migrating to a country after going there for their higher education. Many people now choose foreign universities for their higher studies and following the completion of their studies, they find jobs in the country and decide to live there permanently.

Another common reason for migration is being given a foreign country posting in one’s job. For example, a manager in an airline based in America might get the post of country manager of France. After taking up such a post, the individual might decide to get permanent residency in the foreign country and migrate there.

Merits of Migration
The availability of better job opportunities in the country of migration and the resulting higher remuneration than that which was earned in one’s country of origin is the primary benefit of migration (if the country was chosen for these reasons), check this marketing agency.

If you are adventurous and revel in new and exciting experiences, then the prospect of exploring a different country, learning its culture and meeting new people will give you much joy and happiness.

Demerits of Migration
Once you move to another country, it is possible that you might face discrimination and racism due to the fact that you are essentially a foreigner in that country. If one does encounter such discrimination, it would make living in that country difficult and stressful. The levels of tolerance of foreigners, of course, vary from country to country; some countries may be more tolerant of immigrants than others. Therefore such matters must be taken into consideration when deciding on migrating to a given country.

Moreover, one who migrates with the hopes of getting a better job than the one they have currently, may be disappointed if this hope isn’t realized. There are many that migrate with the expectation of finding higher paying jobs but end up unemployed, having been unsuccessful in securing a job in that country.

Moving to a foreign country often means having to learn a different language; this may be difficult and taxing. One must also become familiar with the culture of the foreign country; where this culture is very different than that of your country of origin, you may find it very difficult to adapt.

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